Pike County Housing Authority

Low Income Public Housing in Pike County, Illinois


Pike County Housing Authority (PCHA) is beginning the process to reposition its units to better serve the Pike County, Illinois area now and into the future.

This process is beginning with the merge of 20 one bedroom units in Pittsfield, Illinois. The new units will be two, three, and four bedroom, which will allow PCHA to better serve families in the city who need affordable housing. It is expected this will reduce PCHA’s unit count by 13 units for these 5 buildings.

While this merge process is ongoing, PCHA will also be looking to remove rental units from its inventory that are hard to rent and no longer effective to manage or maintain. Specifically, the units PCHA owns in Pleasant Hill, Perry, and Baylis communities. PCHA will make every effort to relocate clients to other units owned by the housing authority. In cases where this is not possible, PCHA will look to partner with a neighboring PHA who can administer Tenant Protection Vouchers for these affected individuals to seek affordable housing elsewhere. It is expected this will reduce PCHA’s unit count by 38 units.

In total, these moves will reduce the housing authority’s size from 228 apartments to 177 apartments. Once the market has stabilized and the PHA’s waiting list is built up, then PCHA will look to build new affordable housing in Pike County through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. This will replace the units lost, however, they will not be re-built in areas previously vacated. At the end of the 15 year affordability period, then PCHA will look at the sale of the units to the current occupants. Once this cycle is complete, then PCHA will look to repeat the LIHTC process.

If there are any comments, questions, or concerns regards the repositioning initiative, please forward them to PCHA at 838 Mason Street, PO Box 123, Barry, Illinois 62312.

PCHA is an equal opportunity employer and equal housing provider.

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