Navigating the Website

The Pike County Housing Authority’s website contains an abundance of information for many interested parties. This brief tutorial breaks down each section for visitors to the website. Public Notices – This tab is where you will find information regarding Pike County Housing Authority’s bid request notices, important program changes, policy changes, etc. All information posted […]

Apartments Available!!!

The Pike County Housing Authority has an affordable, safe, and recently renovated apartment for you!  PCHA is now accepting applications for its apartments across the Pike County, Illinois area, with immediate openings in some locations!  All applicants must complete an application in full and provide proof of identity documents, proof of income documents, and pass […]

Baylis & Perry

Pike County Housing Authority (PCHA) has letters of support from both the Baylis & Perry communities regarding the intentions of the housing authority to move forward with the sale of the units in those towns. The next step is for PCHA to move towards getting appraisals of the units and then will be seeking federal […]