Office Contact Information;

Pike County Housing Authority
838 Mason Street
P.O. Box 123
Barry, Illinois 62312
Phone:  217-407-0707
Fax:  217-407-0708
Office Contact Information
Office Hours – By Appointment Only
Meet The Staff

Paying Your Tenant Account;

Register or login to your tenant account to pay;

Please use the “REGISTER/LOGIN” link below to create an account or log in to your existing account.  Once you have clicked the button, you will go to a new page where in the section to the right you can click the button to create a tenant account or login using your existing account information.  If creating a new account, you will need to know your tenant ID#.  If you do not know this number, simply call the office and we will get it for you.  It will also be on the monthly statements mailed to your household.

Once you have created an account you will have greater access to your tenant account.  You can see payments, charges, create maintenance requests, etc.  You can pay any amount you desire and new for 2023, there are no processing fees!  This method is the preferred way for you to pay your account!


If you do not wish to create a tenant account, use the alternative method below;    

Please use the “PAY YOUR BILL” link or scan the QR code below with your phone to pay your rent.  Once you have clicked or scanned below, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your payment information.  You will need to know your tenant ID#.  If you do not know this number, simply call the office and we will get it for you.  It will also be on the monthly statements mailed to your household.  The only other information that you will need is your payment amount, billing address information, credit/debit card information, or bank account information, and you will be done.  No processing fees for 2023!


Either of the above payment methods are completely secure.  If there are any questions please do not hesitate to call the office, hours and contact information are above.  You may also call or come into the office (by appointment) with your bank account or credit/debit card information if you do not want to process it online.

Tenant Information;

Printable Household Addition Form –
Household Addition Form
Required Documentation Checklist
HUD 1141 – Is Fraud Worth It
HUD PIH 2017-12 – What You Should Know About EIV
Citizenship Declaration
HUD 52675 – Debts Owed to PHA’s and Terminations
HUD FY 2022 Income & Over Income Limits
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Policy
HUD 5380 – VAWA Notice Of Occupancy Rights
HUD 5382 – VAWA Certification Form
HUD 5381 – VAWA Emergency Transfer Plan
HUD 5383 – VAWA Emergency Transfer Request Form
Release of Information Authorization
Emergency Contact Update Form
Tenant Selection/Approval Policy
Admissions & Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP)
Grievance Policy
Dwelling Lease
– Lease Attachment A – Pets
Pet Permit
– Lease Attachment B – Firearms & Weapons
– Lease Attachment C – No Smoking
– Utility Lease Attachment – Utility Addendum
Community Service Policy
FY 2023 Fair Market Rents & Unadjusted Rents
FY 2023 Flat Rent Policy
FY 2023 Utility Allowances
FY 2023 Flat Rents
Tenant Charge List – Management
Security Deposit Payments
Tenant Charge List – Maintenance
Formal Agreement Policy
Formal Repayment Agreement
Satellite, Cable, and Internet Policy
Satellite, Cable, and Internet Authorization
Transfer Policy
No Trespass Policy
No Trespass List 9/29/2022
Smoke-Free Policy
Illinois Tobacco Quitline – 1-866-Quit-Yes
OSH Smokefree Flyer – English
OSH Smokefree Flyer – Spanish
CDC – HUD Partnership

Lead Based Paint Information;

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home Booklet
LBP Disclosure Form Barry 71-1
LBP Disclosure Form Pleasant Hill 71-3
LBP Disclosure Form Griggsville 71-4
LBP Disclosure Form Perry 71-5
LBP Disclosure Form Baylis 71-6
LBP Disclosure Form Pittsfield 71-9


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2023 Service Schedules; 

Trash Pickup – GFL

Trash Pickup 2023 Schedule

Pest Control – Big River Pest Control

Aprehend (Liquid) Treatment Bed Bug Prep Sheet
Heat Treatment Bed Bug Prep Sheet

Barry 2023 Schedule
Baylis 2023 Schedule
Griggsville 2023 Schedule
New Canton 2023 Schedule
Perry 2023 Schedule
Pittsfield 2023 Schedule
Pleasant Hill 2023 Schedule

Tenant Transportation – West Central Mass Transit

West Central Mass Transit District Passenger Guidelines and Fare Schedule

Miscellaneous Information;

Pike County Unmet Needs Brochure
Pike County Unmet Needs Assistance Application
Important Phone Numbers
Safelink Wireless Free Cell Phone Program
Lifeline Discounted Phone Program
Lifeline Discounted Phone Program – Spanish
Summer Meals Illinois